Are Smart Tablets Truly Smart?

The pressure to stay on top at your job, to be able to manage multiple duties at the same time, or to remain young and alert frequently leads to drastic steps., whether or prescribed or leisure, might seem like a plausible option to give you energy and focus, but although some short articles and medical research studies promote that users can take over the counter or prescription meds without side effects or addiction doesn't indicate everyone who takes the tablets will. Any drug, recommended by a medical professional or bought off the street, has the potential to end up being habit-forming.

Methylphenidate, much better known as Ritalin, is a stimulant commonly utilized to treat interest deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD) in children. While the side results of taking Ritalin are usually moderate and hardly ever life-threatening, the drug might trigger a number of discomforts, consisting of insomnia, queasiness, loss of hunger, and changes in blood pressure and heart functions.

Other stimulants

Adderall, another stimulant made use of to treat ADHD, is also recommended for patients suffering narcolepsy and, sometimes, epilepsy. Since this powerful drug is known to increase the heart rate and metabolic process, there have actually been circumstances where users have actually taken the drug to promote weight-loss. Adverse effects of utilizing Adderall might include headaches and reduced cravings, irritability and state of mind swings, and in extreme cases issues with kidney function, hallucinations, and extreme weight loss.

If you feel the pressure to do well in school or at work and think a prescribed drug is the key to enhancing your energy and alertness, consider the possible consequences of taking medication. If you suspect somebody you know and like is abusing a "wise pill" like Adderall or Ritalin, seek advice from with an expert rehabilitation medical professional and understand exactly what choices are available to help break the cycle of dependency.

What our satisfied clients say

" While reports of deaths credited to Adderall are not as commonly reported as other drugs, abuse of the drug might cause deadly conditions. In 2005, Canada suspended distribution of the drug after twelve children passed away from its use. (source: WebMD)."

- Dave Parker